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Online English literature - Modern Feminist Books

Buying books for study or pleasure can get expensive, especially if cash is a problem. At one time finding feminist literature outside of special bookshops was a difficult. Online English literature is easily found but it is only recently that good feminist literature is available but of course you have to pay for the privilege. So for those of you studying online English literature, I thought I would share some of the websites where you can get ebooks for free, either to download to kindle or read online.

These are my top three:

(1) – A website which has a separate section on women and feminism. It has really good collection of old and new titles.

(2) – This is an online resource which has option of reading online, lending and downloading. You can check the feminist section for some really good options.

(3) – This is the biggest resource for free download. The site offers above 50,000 books for free. There are also many sites which you need to pay and download books. But I prefer the free sites. Want to read books but facing a bit of a cash crunch? Well you can use quick payday loans for the cash crunch and the free e-book sites for keeping your books updated without cost. Happy reading.


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