Legend – The story of Day and June

Legend – The story of Day and June

I recently stumbled across a novel which was gripping and addictive. In this era of trilogies this one is really nice. I have always followed the trilogies whether it is the Hunger games trilogy or the Maze runner trilogy, both have become a part of movies. The trilogy I am talking about in this post is the Legend by popular writer Mary Lu.

This is a story of a future world where USA has been split into sectors to create The Republic. The Republic holds annual trials to test people whether they are fit for army or normal chores. Every year only one person remains with the perfect score. Enter June the child prodigy.

On the other end is Day the most wanted criminal in The Republic. He is charged with various murders, which includes June’s brother. June being a patriot hands over Day to the government, even though he has saved her from dying. The Republic kills Day’s mother and shoots Day in the leg and captures him.

Day and June again come in contact and then Day tell her that he did not kill his brother but only injured him. June accepts this version as she has seen much by now, and also knows how The Republic operates.

When I read the first book it had some elements from Divergent series and some from the Hunger Games, but still captures imagination. A must read for readers who love trilogies. The second and third books of the series viz. Prodigy and Champion are there on Amazon. Also Legend has been converted into a graphic novel.


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